Miss Tilly's Ballet and Theater Arts

Miss Tilly has taught ballet to the young people of San Francisco for more than 40 years.  She has introduced more than 10,000 budding ballerinas and danseurs to the joy and discipline of classical movement and music in a warm, supportive and beautiful environment.

Miss Tilly's Philosophy

After 40 years of experience teaching children, I know immediately how to make each new child who walks into my studio feel comfortable.

I model the behavior I expect from my students. They are proud to follow my example and the happy result is an atmosphere of trust and respect in my classes.

It is essential to have reasonable and appropriate expectations for each age level. If you do not expect enough, a child will be bored and lose interest. If you expect too much, a child will feel a failure and lose confidence.

To teach you must build confidence. I make my students feel proud of themselves and I nurture their emerging self-esteem.

My teaching style ensures that my dancers develop and grow happily toward their full potential.
— Miss Tilly