Miss Tilly's Ballet and Theater Arts

Miss Tilly has taught ballet to the young people of San Francisco for more than 40 years.  She has introduced more than 10,000 budding ballerinas and danseurs to the joy and discipline of classical movement and music in a warm, supportive and beautiful environment.

Miss Tilly’s standards of excellence come from her own professional training. Her early teaching experience was with the Christensen brothers, the founders of San Francisco Ballet School and Company. The dancers and teachers trained by the Christensens have always been among the most successful in the world of professional dance.

Through her program, children will learn coordination, musical awareness, and rhythm development. One of the many aspects differentiating Miss Tilly’s program from other ballet schools is that Miss Tilly’s young dancers are accompanied by professional pianists in every class. The beauty of classical music helps to guide the students as they learn to marry movement and music. Miss Tilly knows that she is teaching her students much more than dance. Her students learn to focus, develop listening skills, and work beautifully in a group by exercising self discipline and demonstrating respect for themselves and their fellow dancers. All of this learning happens in a joyful, warm, and supportive environment.